Bit Part Jewelry & Fantastic Etsy Finds


One of my oldest and dearest friends, Kate Hines, has made a very successful business on Etsy, sourcing and selling vintage (and new) jewelry findings. It’s a go-to for crafters and jewelry designers, or simply anyone who has the urge to create a pretty bauble. You’ll find all manner of chains, charms, and findings at incredible prices. A life-long jewelry designer herself with an eye for a strong image, the look alone of her Etsy shop will inspire you. If you feel pulled to crafting some wearable art, I would highly suggest checking it out.

Because I tend to get lost (and frustrated) down the Etsy rabbit hole, I asked Kate for some Etsy shops she loves. The gal has exquisite taste, and the list she gave me is a glimpse into her quirky aesthetic. You’ll find linens and handmade hats and slouchy sweaters and weird (but interesting) miniature pet portraits (!) among these links, which I hope you enjoy exploring as much as I did.

Find Kate Hines Etsy shop here:


Here are some of Kate’s favorite Etsy shops: (her clothing!!!)