A Bookcase Makeover


I stopped in to Total Design Source to chat with the owner and interior designer, Chantal Lawrence, about tips on how to polish up your home for the holidays. She says, “first things first”.  Get organized and get rid of clutter. Her client’s biggest decorating problems revolve around storage. Chantal will come to your house and brainstorm all manner of solutions, from custom designed built-ins to a swift rearrange of furniture. She believes strongly in “green design”; reuse, rehang or reupholster things you already own vs. buying new stuff. And sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes, so I invited Chantal over for some ideas.  After a look around and some furniture rearranging tips, she attacked my bookcase. When it comes to books, I’m a hoarder. A total of nine bookcases in my house are filled to overflowing. Her idea was to brighten up my living room by giving them a quick do-over. Yes, I was skeptical, but I let her have at it. And she was right. Two hours later she had culled my collection, reworked my cherished pottery  and incorporated small artworks and favorite keepsakes (a ceramic figure of my grandmother made by my grandfather, odd bits of family art). The effect was instant. I loved seeing my things in a new way and Chantal definitely has a method to her madness. Next up, she’s coming over to rehang all my art. An hour or two with Chantal is money well spent and saved. Before picture below.    tdesignsource.com