Bridgewater Chocolates


One summer, back in college, I was in the management training program at Bloomingdales and worked for the candy buyer. Talk about a sweet gig. It was there I learned the valuable life skill of discerning between good and bad chocolate. With those creds in mind, believe me when I tell you Bridgewater makes the good stuff. What, you may wonder makes one cocoa confection exponentially better than another? It’s the butter, baby, and founder Erik Landregan (of NYC’s Aquavit fame) knows the exact butter-cocoa ratio (high) that creates that essential mouthfeel. I like my chocolate dark…enough said. With that in mind I couldn’t wait to sample one of the signature törtéls. Sweet, salty, gooey and crunchy in one blissful bite and worth every calorie. Choosing is challenging: toffee, truffles, bark and over a dozen chocolate bar flavors. Or skip the analysis paralysis and opt for the 38 piece assortment ($79.50). Made right here in Connecticut, preservative and wax-free, Bridgewater’s morsels make a lovely local gift, but a stop in to their shop on LaSalle Road is an over-the-top olfactory indulgence.


Amy Lee