Brooklyn Restoration Supply


By Haldan Block of Erik Block Design Build

We love to use reclaimed wood and there are plenty of companies out there  that sell these materials. Most have a well-cataloged inventory and moisture controlled storage units. This is not the case with Brooklyn Restoration Supply. It is referred to as “Rudy’s” by anyone who visits and has a chance to meet owner Rudy Rzeznikiwicz, the definition of the word Yankee. In the winter months you can find him sitting in his “office,” warmed by an antique potbelly stove, smoking tobacco out of a corncob pipe.

The only thing more classic than Rudy is his collection of salvaged treasures. Housed in warehouses that were once part of a chicken farm, you’ll find old hand-hewn beams, window sashes, doors, and full mantle surrounds. Head to Rudy’s office for antique hardware from simple Colonial to intricate Victorian styles. The current inventory includes doorknobs, latches, and a whole lot of antique barn strap hinges. Outside you’ll find antique stone pieces, old metal fence pieces, and some of the biggest granite millstones you’ve ever seen. The pricing is reasonable and, despite the lack of computer inventory, Rudy can tell you whether or not he has something and exactly where it is.