Club Cycle: Spin Class in Deep River


I’ll admit I am not much for a spinning class. But with the popularity of Peleton, Soul Cycle, and Orange Theory, my interest has been elevated. Knowing there was a spin studio above my gym, Anytime Fitness, I finally gave it another go. I actually had so much (grueling) fun at Club Cycle in Deep River that I just may be a convert. Classes are one hour of structured riding in a (thankfully) dark, stadium-style room, with rows of bikes. There are lots of intervals, focused on speed and hills but ample recovery times too. The program works in several color zones that change according to speed and resistance. My instructor, Aja was motivating yet merciful on the novices like myself. I found it easy to follow the cues and the best part was an icy, cold, wet towel at the end.

Your first class is FREE.

New Client Special: $99/month unlimited.

190 Main Street in Deep River


by Laura Williams



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