Delicious Disinfectant and Healthy Hand Sanitizer at Ivory & Iron


This alluring little shop in Essex is owned by a multi-talented couple who are reinvigorating a 1790’s federal and have also established themselves as a go-to for eco-friendly gifts and potions. Candice mixes up the glass-bottled and refillable household cleaners herself and I know from experience, the scents are delightful. Now is the time to buy her disinfecting sprays and hand sanitizers in scents like juniper and citrus or lavender and vetiver, with curbside delivery. 

58 Saybrook Road in Essex
THURS – FRI 12-5 | SAT 11-4

Juniper Citrus Hand Sanitizer

Vanilla Rose Hand Sanitizer

Lavender and Vetiver Everyday Disinfectant

ivory iron