I Don’t Leave Home Without These….


The “experts” say to pack your bags then take out half. I don’t, and I’m always sorry. Sometimes I even stuff a few more things in at the last minute. I’ve just returned from a jaunt across the pond, and while I packed a stack of stuff I didn’t need (just in case!) here’s a list of my essentials.

Wingtips: Cole Haan teamed up with Nike for these cushy wingtips and though they’re not cheap,  I wore them every single day for three weeks in France (and according to my iphone, I was logging 7 miles a day!). An elegant sneaker option:  $200, but navy blue on sale for $140.

This lightweight, giant cashmere and silk scarf is my year-round go-to. Perfect for a lightweight wrap all summer and a cozy layer on the plane too. At Dina Varano in a slew of colors.

While a few things I packed went unworn this trip, these trousers got a workout. On the plane, round trip, and when the thermostat hit 90+ in Lyon, I wore them every single day. They’re so lightweight, stretchy and breathable, it’s a cinch to rinse them in the sink and drip dry overnight.  Three strong styles to choose from. I have the joggers and the ones that you can scrunch up at the bottom.

Athleta Aspire Ankle Pant $79 (not pictured)

Midtown Ankle Pant $79

City Jogger Pant $89 

A long cardigan is a key slimming piece over everything from dressy dresses to leggings: this is a good summer weight linen version in a range of colors (black!) at a great price:   $68.

I don’t iron anything anymore now that I have Joy’s tiny steamer, and I bring it with me wherever I go. It’s packable and so worth the bit of space it takes up.  $19.99

At home, I prefer to read an actual book, but I don’t travel without my Kindle. I just upgraded from my first generation model (2008!) and needless to say, the user experience is much improved. The big benefit of the e-reader is the ability to try to before you buy. I load up on samples and then pick a few winners for my travels.

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the links, I’ll receive a very small amount of money. That said, all opinions are my own.)