Furniture Care at Weekend Kitchen


While not quite up for spring cleaning and still plagued with cabin fever, relieved we were to discover this line of hand-crafted furniture care products to keep us distracted at home for a bit longer.  Weekend Kitchen stocks a complete collection of solutions to help revive your wood, leather (shoes and bags, too!), stone and marble surfaces. Author of The Furniture Bible (“comprehensive guide to restoring, transforming, preserving, and learning about your furniture”), Christophe Pourney and his partner produce this line of waxes, creams, and tonics in small batches at their Brooklyn studio. Raised in the South of France, having been put to work in his parents’ antique shop, it’s no surprise Pourney is known as the “unofficial restorer to the city of New York”.  See Pourney and his partner “scavenging” for furniture finds here.

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