Get Holiday Ready


Get holiday ready with a little help. Here are some goodies from around the web to help you prepare your home for the onslaught.

  1. Cozy up on the couch in a classic: Hudson’s Bay Polar Fleece Blanket
  2.  The original winter candle that lasts forever:  Rigaud Cypress Candles
  3. Everyone needs a workhorse of an apron: Blue Butcher Stripe Apron
  4. A bit of purple is always nice: Amethyst Fat Glass
  5. Copper flatware looks fresh and festive: Shiny Copper Flatwear Set
  6. Come on in! “Hi” Doormat
  7. Make a pie:  Handmade Olivewood Rolling Pin
  8. The glass that River Tavern made famous, now in fun colors: Old Fashioned Glass





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