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May 26, 2020
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Gourmet Delivery, A New Shop in Madison & Car Cleaning Tips, 5/26/2020

Gourmet Galley At Home

One thing that’s been utterly quashed by the pandemic is FOMO. It doesn’t exist anymore. No matter how much you scroll Instagram, there is NO ONE having more fun than you. You’ll see lots of photos of pretty landscapes (guilty), way too many homecooked dishes, and fresh-baked bread. SO much bread. Unless your idea of fun is baking bread (I just scored some yeast, so I may take a stab at my first loaf ever), you are not missing out on anything. I’ve always had an uncomfortable relationship with FOMO. I want a calendar full of social events, but when it comes time to actually attend said gatherings, I dread it. My sister (who I call while I’m slathering on some face spackle) then says, “Oh, c’mon Erica, you ALWAYS have a good time once you get there”. And she’s generally correct. So here’s one thing I don’t miss during this pandemic, Fear of Missing Out. Hope you and your family are safe and healthy, Erica

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