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June 15, 2021
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Hadlyme Happenings, Guilt-Free Ice Cream & a Miami Reboot 6/15/2021


Laura (my right arm at The E List) and I deserved a big break after managing to whip out a list every week, pandemic or not, so we headed off to Miami. We weren’t keen on staying in the middle of the fray of South Beach just yet, so we reserved a suite at 40% off at The Carillon. This combo spa/hotel/condo complex smack on North Beach used to be a Canyon Ranch, and I’ve visited several times. Not much has changed except a new name and decor refresh. A variety of fitness classes, a ginormous gym with all manner of machines, and the spa kept us busy in the mornings, and we spent afternoons lounging at the beach or pool. Our two-room suite had a handy kitchen, and with a Publix market right across the street, it was easy to fashion simple breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. If we’re not brainstorming E List ideas, we’re mulling where to eat next, and we found a few new spots (and some old favorites) worth sharing.

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