Ivory & Iron, Essex


Candice’s little shop on the residential stretch of Saybrook Road in Essex is easy to shoot right by, but don’t. On the ground floor of an antique barn, you’ll find a charmer that feels at once old-fashioned and thoroughly modern. She’s got a keen eye for the natural, homemade, and cozy from beeswax candles and Hawaiian salt lamps to organic cotton socks that seem to be just the right and elusive length and weight for under a boot. Of course, you must have the organic pancake mix and cocoa that Candice mixes up and contains in reusable glass Wek jars (the perfect thing for a Christmas morning), and her refillable glass home sprays and soaps are so lovely you won’t mind leaving them out on the counter. (Grab a few of the genius two-in-one Juniper and Citrus Dish/Hand soap for your host/ess gift closet). The copper water bottles will develop a lovely patina with use and possibly help you age gracefully, too; copper is meant to ease arthritis. Lots of thoughtful goodies here. Make sure to take advantage of her stylish wrapping: black or brown Kraft paper tied with leather and festooned with feathers and dried orange slices. Closed Monday and Tuesday

58 Saybrook Road in Essex

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