Ivory & Iron, Essex


Clean, fresh, organic, authentic. If these words resonate with you, you’re going to love Ivory & Iron in Essex. This tiny lifestyle shop is stocked with all manner of delightfully scented things, from sage bunches and beeswax candles, to owner Candice Hunsinger’s handmade organic solutions for cleaning every cranny of your home. I know a clean freak when I see one (my daughter says I clean as a hobby, thanks to my mom’s spic and span ways) and love nothing better than perusing new potions. Jugs of All Purpose Spray, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, and Linen and Room Spray stand at the ready to fill (or refill) glass spray bottles. Natural bristle brushes are in stock for applying a little elbow grease. The cleansers are crafted from Witch Hazel (of course!) combined with natural oils like vetiver and lavender. Candice calls her Yoga Mat & Toy Disinfectant nature’s Lysol, and a light spray on cutting boards, the dog bed, and even your phone can banish germs. She carries the travel size with her EVERYWHERE and now I will, too.

As excited as I was by her natural cleaners (I’m highly allergic to conventional types), Candice’s brews come in edible varieties, too. You’ll find Chai teas, seasoned salts, organic cocoa, and vanilla extract among the crystals and charcoal-infused compostable toothbrushes (I kid you not!). Even the gift boxing is thoughtful and lovely: Kraft paper, wrapped in leather ribbons and festooned with feathers. There’s a good reason for everything in the shop; Candice is a knowledgeable host and loves to share her vision for a healthy home and environment.

Currently open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (or by chance), annexed to the 1790 Colonial that Candice and her husband, Adam, are meticulously renovating next door.

58 Saybrook Road in Essex


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