Kimberly Gift & Kimberly Boutique


Let’s just say you get a last minute invitation to your friend’s brand new house in the Hamptons and you need a weekend wardrobe AND a hostess gift in a flash. What do you do? Head straight to Kimberly Boutique and its new sister store Kimberly Gift, right next door. It’s one-stop shopping personified and here’s why. For starters, Kimberly Boutique is as dependable as a best friend. They are always on trend—this summer it’s all about boho chic, bold prints and distressed denim. And in case you didn’t get the memo: bell bottoms are back! With an expert staff dedicated to finding you the perfect outfit for any occasion, you can count on walking out feeling glam. I was rather smitten with the Lauren Moshi rocker t-shirts ($96) but there’s a huge selection from designers like Trina Turk and Nicole Miller as well.

Kimberly Gift, while a bit smaller in scale, packs just as big of a punch. You’ll find everything from hostess gifts to baby clothing and cool goods for guys. (a Smather’s and Branson needlepoint flask emblazoned with Bruins was calling to me). With so many different categories represented, the store could be a visual disaster. Au contraire. The bright and funky space is so carefully curated that you’ll want every  item in there. Best news is the price points vary as well, beginning as low as $10.


by Amy Lee