Lobster Landing

I wasn’t intentionally on the quest to find the ultimate lobster roll, but it found me anyway. For years, I’ve heard Lobster Landing in Clinton makes the meanest roll on the Shoreline, but like the New Yorker who hasn’t trekked to the top of the Empire State Building ($20 for the elevator ride!), I’d never been. Driving back from Madison the other perfect summer day, lobster for lunch seemed like a good idea.
That’s how I found myself in a short line at the outside grill at Lobster Landing and a few minutes later, munching the perfect roll: a 1/4 pound of warm lobster meat, tucked into a barely grilled, sub roll (“imported” from Vermont), and drizzled with butter and lemon. That’s it. The secret? The roll is sturdy enough so the whole thing doesn’t get soggy and fall apart before you’ve had a chance to savor it, and the unadorned lobster, straight from the pot, is the star. There are many tasty versions on the Shoreline, but for me, this is The One. Sunday – Thursday, 11 – 6, Friday and Saturday, 11 – 7. BYOB.
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