Madison Indoor Farmers’ Market

We’re so used to abundance at our summer farmers’ markets that, at first glance, the indoor market may seem a bit spare. But believe me when I say you’ll find everything you need for a warming meal, plus some. A quick tour revealed my favorite Hidden Brook Gardens, whose organic produce I snap up in the summer months. I was happy to find giant daikon radishes, kohlrabi (I slice it and eat it raw for a snack), canned diced tomatoes, homemade hot sauce and pickled cabbage. Who could resist Summer Hill Catering’s ultimate comfort food, Thanksgiving Pot Pie filled with chunks of turkey, veggies and stuffing? For balance, I picked up a veggie pie, too. You’ll find grass-fed meats, eggs, cheese, organic honey, raw apple cider and hand-knit socks, but the prize of the day was a couple of Sankow’s spatchcocked chickens (i.e. butterflied, but spatchcocked is such a fun word), readily available here but in short supply in the summer. A few bunches of baby carrots and some italian kale from Highland Thistle Farm and I had a week’s worth of dinners.  Find the Madison Market on facebook, here. 
Wednesdays, 3 – 6pm, American Legion Hall, 43 Bradley Road