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September 22, 2020
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New Thai, Pre-Loved Fashion & Riverside Brunch, 9/22/2020

land of thai

Have you watched the new series on Netflix, The Home Edit? These two gals invented the ROYGBIV style of organizing and have become wildly instafamous for their celebrity closet transformations. As fascinated as I am by Reese Witherspoon’s or Rachel Zoe’s closet, the show, in the end, just gave me an icky feeling. If it takes four people several days to reorganize your wardrobe, you’ve just got WAY. TOO. MUCH. STUFF. How can you possibly wear hundreds of pairs of shoes (and in Rachel Zoe’s case, how many Kelly bags can you tote??). Given our current situation, it seems a little tone-deaf. However, the big takeaway for me is their mantra: Edit, Categorize, Contain, Maintain, and I applied it to my pantry this weekend with satisfying results! Love, Erica

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