Of Windsor Chairs and Pie Boxes


I love that Annie Carl uses the word generational to describe the furniture her dad, Joe Carl, makes. What started as a hobby has turned into a substantial side hustle, crafting authentic Windsor chairs by hand that will last for a lifetime (or several). Toiling away in his workshop in Chester, Joe makes chairs in six styles, including the most popular Sack Back armchair and Boston Fan Back. In this time of Ikea and disposable everything, the investment of $700 to $1200 for an entirely hand-hewn heirloom seems altogether reasonable.

The products that initially drew me to Joe’s Instagram are beautiful wooden pie boxes, inspired by his second passion, making pie (!) and delivering to friends and family. The dovetailed boxes come in several sizes and wood options, or you can order a custom size. They work equally well for toting a charcuterie board to outdoor gatherings, which we’ll be doing all winter long! The boxes make a stellar holiday gift and range from $50 to $100 depending on the chosen wood and size. Why not give an heirloom this year? You can peruse Joe’s Instagram (well maintained by his daughter) or contact him directly about your project at:
Email: joecarlwoodwork@gmail.com

Phone: 860-304-2055
Facebook: Windsor’s and Woodwork

Instagram: @windsorsandwoodwork