Old Lyme Landscape


Most family businesses don’t make it to the second generation, but this one is thriving. It helps that a pair of gardening sisters (one with a degree in Landscape Architecture) run the place and take their products super seriously. They separate themselves from the pack with lovelies like lantana and heliotrope. Me, I barely know the difference between annuals and perennials, but after a tour of the greenhouses and gardens, I learned a bunch from Beth ( tips on how to get rid of our burgeoning mole population, keep deer at bay, and the best organic soils for tomatoes). I loved the lightweight planters made out of fiberglass (could have fooled me!) in styles ranging from classic urns to modern cylinders. They’re happy to fill them AND deliver, which solves a whole bunch of my outdoor problems. Also lovely are the aged terra cotta pots, so newbies like me can leave them laying around and it looks like we’ve been at this gardening thing forever.

Head over for Mother’s Day baskets and combo pots.

105 Shore Road, Old Lyme     www.oldlymelandscape.com