Pleasing Presents for Picky People


We trolled the worldwide interwebs for the perfect presents to please even your pickiest (and freakiest) friends and family:

1. For the Minimalist: Solid White Cuckoo Clock $79

2. For the Millennial: I Can’t Adult Today Sweatshirt $65

3.  And what kid (or adult!) wouldn’t want this? Child’s Kubix Marble Run $40

4. For the wine drinker who prefers quantity over quality: Boxed Wine Cover  $42.99

5. For the Activist: An Inner Peace Wreath  $49.99

6. For the Foodie:  Butter Churner $30


For the Do-Gooder: 100% of sales of this yummy lotion goes to charity.


For your Crazy Cat Lady (hello, Billie!): A Kitty Cosmetic Case. $12

cat case

For the Grouch: The Happiness 100 Day Planner $30


For the Kid at Heart: Twister Blanket $32


For the Narcissist: The Self Lighting Selfie-Phone Case $60


For the Detail Oriented: Leather Wrist Ruler  $19.95

wrist ruler

For the Craft Beer Crazed: Stanley Growler $49.95


For the Yoga Crazed: Snowflake Pants $82


For your Messy Sister: Roomba From $259

biz book

For the Serial Entrepreneur: The Monocle Guide To Good Business $60


For the One with Social Media Separation Anxiety: Mobile Mount $39


For the Crafty: Calligraphy Starter Kit   $35


For the High-Style Techie: iPhone Charging Bracelet $149


*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, The E List will receive a very small amount of money, but ALL opinions are our own.