Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes & More on The Real Real

The internet was made for my husband, who HATES to shop. He typically buys clothing in two sizes to ensure that one will fit. But, here’s the rub: he has a phobia of returning things. I get it; I don’t love the task either, but I also don’t like my mistakes lying around taunting me. Best to get them out of the house, fast. So, imagine my horror when I found the discarded size of an expensive and lovely cashmere sweater (in its original packaging) languishing in the basement, well past its return date!  Ah, but it was the perfect thing to test with the Real Real, which only accepts designer merchandise in new or like new condition. Unlike the other sites, where you ship the merchandise to the buyer, here you send it directly to Real Real in a box they provide. After examining and authenticating, they set the price and list the sale. While the process takes up to two weeks, the sweater sold in just a couple of days.
Because they do all the work for you (they’ll even come pick up if you have ten items to sell), the commission the Real Real charges is higher. The more you sell, the more you make: if you sell under $200 worth of goods, it’s 50%, $201 to $1500 is 55%, $1501 to $9999 is 60%, $10,000 or more is 70%. The item is returned to you at your cost if it is not accepted because of condition or authentication.
If you’ve got a lot of designer goods stuffed in your closet and you’d prefer not to be involved in the selling/wrapping/sending, this is the one for you.
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