A Refresh with California Closets


My daughter has a small loft room off her bedroom that she dubbed her “office”. This is somewhat of a misnomer as it was rarely used for anything approaching work of any kind. Over the years the room became a repository for discarded craft projects, old homework, stuffed animals, and anything else she couldn’t be bothered to put away. Despite a desk and a wall of cubbies, it was a disaster. This wouldn’t have bothered me too much (just close the door, she’d say), but the loft is visible from the kitchen, and the mess DROVE ME CRAZY. So, three years after she left home for college, I finally decided to tackle the chaos and transform it into a useable room (for me! And for her, when she’s home).


I called Pamela Burr, our local Essex rep of California Closets, to help carve out a functional space. The idea was to line one side of the tiny room with off-season clothing storage and the other for a desk and drawers. After lots of discussion about the best use of the space Pamela and I came up with a plan. I am so thrilled with the result that I can’t bear to fill it up! It was completely worth the weeks of sorting and discarding (I find it much easier to do an overwhelming project in hourly chunks of time, then hope to finish it all in one go). Have a look here at the before and after pix and if you’re motivated to get an organizing project off the ground, I’d call Pam.

Reach Pam here: www.californiaclosets.com/designer/pamela-burr/


California Closet Before