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June 2, 2014
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Reversible Shorts at Saybrook Country Barn

No matter how long the trip, my husband manages to pack in an old Patagonia carry-on that transforms conveniently into a backpack. Me, I always end up with as many pairs of shoes as days I’m away. Not so, Joe. He carefully winnows the mix until he’s got one pair of khakis, a polo or two, a couple of white shirts, a sport jacket, and perhaps a vee neck sweater (you already know about his obsession with those!). He’s all about traveling light. Especially since he usually ends up lugging my stuff, too. So, I think I’ve found him the perfect Father’s Day gift. Saybrook Country Barn, which recently opened a men’s department, offers these smart and reversible shorts. Whether you favor madras, seersucker, paisley or plain old khaki, you get a twofer with these babies. And for most guys this is the only short they’ll ever need. The lightweight fabrics are vintage washed for comfort and extremely well made with an ingenious fly that flips when worn on the reverse. Say you saw it on The E List and take 20% off menswear through June 30, 2014.



Oh, and hot tip: Saybrook Country Barn is stocking fresh Spring pieces
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