Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm & Socks!


On one of the first crisp days of autumn, I took a country drive over to Sankow’s, a 100-year old family farm in Lyme. You’re probably familiar with their cheese offerings from local farmer’s markets, but the dairy farm is just up the road from me and, believe it or not, a full-on foodie destination. I ALWAYS keep a few containers of their classic pesto in the freezer (although the Feta pesto is an award winner, along with several of their cheeses). I usually pick up some Pleasant Cow and Nehantic Abbey, plus a few links of lamb sausage and kielbasa. Butterflied legs, rack of lamb, and all manner of chops are available, too. If you’re not up to firing up the stove, grab a couple of containers of lamb stew, shepherd’s pie or the white bean chili; all lovely nourishment to keep on hand (in the freezer) for a cold winters’ night.

This trip, besides wandering the farm and sheep-gazing, I headed to the wool shop for some holiday ideas. I’ve long coveted the handmade fresh-from-the-farm wool blankets, but new to me are the SOCKS! These are adorable; the sturdy and old-fashioned sort of wool sock that you can stuff all your holiday stockings with, these ones updated with fun stripes and sweet sheep. Love ‘em! If you can’t make it to the farm (but you should!), you can order the socks and blankets on Etsy and send some local Lyme product far and wide.

Order online here.

Make a day of it: Plan ahead and stop at Sunset Vineyards winery for a tasting overlooking the vineyard on your way back!  (by reservation only).

Spend a family day at Sankow’s on Saturday after Thanksgiving for hay-rides and sheep shearing. Keep an eye on their facebook page for more info.

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