Seaside, Stony Creek


New this year, two friends, Christine and Christina, have come together with keen eyes in nautical style to curate a boutique full of mostly locally-made seaworthy treasures. Recycled seaglass tablewear, sailcloth bags, beachy kid-wear are just a start. They’ve got virtually anything one might need for a day at the beach. Worried your white wine won’t stay cold? There’s a freezable gel bag for that. Phone’s losing juice? They’ve got portable battery packs covered in fashionable cases. Skin need nourishment? Try the Seaside Private Label skincare line. I bumped into Greg Nobile from The Stand, shopping for a gift inside. Got to love locals supporting locals.

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Nautical-Inspired Gifts at Seaside, Stony Creek
Nautical-Inspired Gifts
Recycled Seaglass Tablewear at Seaside, Stony Creek
Recycled Seaglass Tablewear


Beach Bags at Seaside
Beach Bags


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