The E List Shop Reopens


To The E List Community,

We’re BACK!

We’re reopening up the shop this week with beautiful new Spring arrivals from favorite designers.

We had intended to open with a big bash, but that is seeming less and less like a good idea. Instead, we hope you visit our cozy shop and enjoy personal attention and reliable advice from our team of fashion pros.

As always, we’re encouraging you to buy less but better, and in the era of fast fashion, it seems the way to go. Luckily, we depend mainly on American manufacturers, so our supply chain is safe and supports the American economy. Most of our vendors are small like us, and equally concerned about what the future will bring for their company and their employees.

Believe me, I’ve been up nights conjuring up scary scenarios for local business here on the Shoreline like ours. In the short term, it makes sense to feel prepared. Stock up your pantry with lentils, beans, and frozen veggies (I have, and it made me feel so much better) just in case. But we do have to keep living our lives, too. And most local businesses are going to feel the pinch of fewer customers.

So this may sound strange, but I encourage you to buy a few things from your favorite shops. Cheer yourself up with a new blouse or bag. Stock your gift closet a bit. Frequent your favorite pastry shops, florists, and farm stands. Avoid the big box stores if you can for any number of good reasons. It will help keep your friends and neighbors employed and the local economy robust despite the uncertainty that surrounds us.

Our shop is a small and happy haven. We’ve received lovely linen jackets and Spring-weight cashmere sweaters, everyone’s favorite Avenue Montaigne pants, plenty of easy tees and perfect fitting jeans, sweet summery dresses, and a selection of our coveted Natalie Martin silks.

We’ll be open this Thursday through Sunday, and starting next week, Wednesday through Sunday.

If you’d prefer not to come into the shop, we’re happy to serve you through our online shop. If you need more information about a garment, we can walk you through our offerings with a phone call and put together a capsule wardrobe that you’ll live in.

And if you’d like a private shopping appointment, we are happy to offer that, too. Just email me, and we can open the shop at 10 am for an hour of personalized attention on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before our usual opening at 11 am. Email me:

We are all in this together.
Love, Erica
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