Shoreline Secret Winners


We asked and you answered. Here are the winners of the Share My Shoreline Secret Contest:


Refine by Farrell, by Jessica Palmisano

Share my secret of the shoreline? [Deep Breath] Here goes…Refine by Farrell! Why was that so difficult for me? It’s hard enough for a woman to maintain looking and feeling great, and to do it like Beyonce did in her song “Flawless” has proven to be quite the challenge. Shoot, I’m lucky if I can even get to 11:00am and  be able to pull off the “I woke up like this” look. Between scheduling facials, manicures, working out, eating clean, and withering away in front of my iPad at god awful hours of the night watching hair and make-up tutorials, it’s safe to say that health and beauty is a priority for me. And every woman, yes-even Beyonce, knows to never give up her beauty secrets. For over a year now Refine by Farrell has helped me look and feel my best. As a highly trained medical professional, Suzanne provides quality care and offers the best in Botox and Dermal filler treatments. Appointments are booked to accommodate my schedule and are 100% confidential. I am always seen in a completely private setting to keep my cover from being blown! But what I appreciate the most about Suzanne is her belief in “less is more”. Her conservative approach leaves me looking and feeling like my absolute best self! A secret like this just had to be shared.


Second Place

She Walks On Water, by Linda Levene

She walks on water!” was what I was told when talking with a reference Elsa Flores had given me for her housecleaning work. That was more than a decade ago and Elsa is now part of our extended family. As an immigrant from Ecuador, she’s motivated to better herself and to give her two children a happy childhood and good education. Others for whom she works feel the same, that she’s The Best. Elsa not only cleans our home, including washing windows and cleaning the garage, but she also helps in the garden (weeding, yuk!!) and has mowed our lawn when needed. Do we love her? Yes, indeed! She and her sister are now working together and are looking for more clients. Need someone? Why not contact her? Elsa can be reached at:


Third Place

Eclectic Cafe by Patrick and Ruth Norrby of Chester, CT

Our secret… Eclectic Café is a marvelous little eatery in Madison loaded with charm, great people and fantastic food. Whether in the mood for a panini, a smoothie, build your own sandwich, or a Beach Donut, the Café delivers dishes with, you guessed it, an eclectic twist. The salad bar is fresh and the from-scratch homemade soup and Mac-N-Cheeses are delightful. “Serving Healthy Comfort Foods” as their slogan goes but without being radical. The beverage selection is just right with something for everyone and it’s really difficult not to go back for “another piece” of homemade dessert. Conveniently located on Main Street, Eclectic Café offers Madison something truly unique and special and yes indeed, eclectic. Check them out on the web:


Fourth Place

C&C Strong Fit, by Terri S. Alpert of Madison

Living a good life often requires strength. Strength of mind. Strength of body. Strength of spirit. With those three we persevere through challenges, we rise, we soar and we inspire others to do the same. For me, these three strengths are interconnected. I have faced my share of health challenges – two major back surgeries, auto-immune disease – and business challenges these last few years, but I’ve brought to them strength of mind and strength of spirit that I wouldn’t have realized I had just a few years earlier. And, I’ve come through physically stronger than ever. I credit Steve Cioppa, of C&C Strong Fit, who has served as my personal trainer for nearly six years. He customizes training for each individual based on their needs and health. I’ve observed them train everyone from athletes to the medically infirm. My 79 year old dad is now training with Steve too and it has had a big impact.



Honorable Mention:

Charlie’s Closet Guilford, by Emily Pagliaro

When this old hippie needed a new hip, I also needed to make a few adjustments (temporarily) to my daily routine; simple things like standing, showering, and getting dressed were difficult. While in the hospital, the O.T.s showed me a wide range of gadgets I could buy to simplify life at home. But, I surely didn’t need these because my husband works from home and would be happy to help put my socks on! But after my asking for help every few minutes, it was clear this system was flawed. My P.T. suggested I call Charlie’s Closet in Guilford and buy the gadgets I needed. C.C. has every medical device you could possibly want, from a simple cane to a hospital bed. The best part is everything costs a mere $1.00, but they won’t refuse any donation larger than that. They only ask that you recycle your purchase back to them. I used a walker for a week and the shower seat for maybe 2. Three weeks after surgery I’m still using my cane outside. Since I still can’t bend to pick things up or reach too far for the remote, my husband splurged and bought me a 2′ ‘pikstik’ grabber-thingy and also a long-handled shoe horn. These gizmos have helped me regain my independence. I am so appreciative that this wonderful service is available in Guilford. Charlie’s Closet is open Mon – Fri from 9:00 – noon. But you can call at 203-453-8359 and if they have what you’re looking for, will leave it for after-hours pick up on the honor system. Thanks to CC, my rehab at home was made so much easier for everyone.’s-closet/