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May 30, 2022
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Sustainable Goods at Reboot Eco in Chester

reboot eco

We were so excited to hear Reboot Eco’s plan to open their second location in Chester because a shop like this is sorely needed around here. As we’re continually educating ourselves on how best to be environmentally conscious and reduce waste, ReBoot should be your first stop. Owner Yasemin Ugurlu is on a mission to make it easy and fun! The shop is loaded with products that are hard to come by, including pretty much everything you need to make your home more eco-friendly.

Your first stop should be the Refill Station. Bring your bottles from home or purchase a glass one here, and fill them up with everything from laundry detergent and dish soap to oxygen brightener and tub and tile cleaner. Every cleaning supply on your shopping list is available, crafted sustainably with natural ingredients, and comes in either hypoallergenic unscented or delicately scented versions. If you, like me, are horrified by the amount of plastic that fills your recycling bin, this is THE answer (and as I’ve learned from Yasemin, only 9% of that plastic actually gets recycled!)

You’ll also want to stock up on a variety of other goods, like (fabric/washable) unpaper towels, French market bags, washable dusters, and lots of happy kids products like milk paint, finger paints, and eco dough. If you’re intent on reducing your carbon footprint and living more sustainably, you will LOVE it here.

Learn more about Reboot and shop online here:



1 N Main Street


Wednesday – Saturday 10 AM-6 PM

Sunday 10 AM-4 PM



131 River Road


Wednesday – Saturday 10 AM-6 PM

Sunday 10 AM-4 PM

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