We Happily Gorged on Gourmet Galley At Home!


We’ve been mainly cooking at home because I was one of those crazy hoarders when the pandemic began: cases of beans, a 50-pound bag of rice, a freezer stuffed to bursting. But every Friday night, we’ve treated ourselves to a take-out feast. Limited by geography and how far we’re willing to venture, we’ve stuck mainly to the Route 9 corridor. Between River Tavern, Grano, The Essex Market, and Hot French Chix, we’ve supped well (and I’ll be waddling out of my house when this is over). This week we tried Gourmet Galley At Home, one of our favorite caterers’ new delivery service. They also dish up all the goodies at Cafe Flo at the Florence Griswold Museum and Bight at the Guilford Yacht Club.


Delivery is offered within 30 miles of their base in Stonington on Tuesdays and Fridays, with a fresh menu published in advance. As usual, we over-ordered. We had plenty of food to last the weekend: a stellar coq au vin with roasted potatoes and green beans (enough for all three of us), an elegant poached salmon with a delightful risotto cake that we saved for the next night, yummy Asian dumplings, a giant and fresh grain salad that my vegetarian daughter supped on for days, and my favorite Mis Flo’s Waldorf Chicken Salad perched on Boston lettuce leaves. For dessert, we actually fought over Zest’s Strawberry Rhubarb tiny pie. Next time I’ll get two (or three). The presentation is lovely, decorated with micro-greens and edible flowers, and it felt like a real treat. This is no ordinary take-out.


Kids meals, cocktail kits, and a selection of groceries (flour AND yeast) are available, too. Order by Sunday for Tuesday delivery and Wednesday for Friday delivery. Find the menu here: gourmet-galley.com/gg-at-home/


Gourmet Galley At Home

Gourmet Galley

Gourmet Galley