The E List

An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline


Beer’d Brewing Company

Precious and Aaren, owners and brewers, make a great team: while he handles the intricacies of brewing, she pours generous tastes and cheerfully describes the beer and its process.

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Folly Baked Goods

While The E List has its perks, I TRY not to accept free stuff to maintain a shred of editorial integrity. My noble intentions were challenged last Tuesday, when my fab assistant, Emery, showed up with a giant beribboned box from the new Folly Baked Goods.

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David Brown’s Eggs

Dorie Greenspan (local baking guru and author of Baking, From My Home To Yours and Around My French Table) swears by David Brown's eggs and I swear by Dorie.

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Starlight Gardens

Seek out their umpteen varieties of organic heirlooms, with names like Bloody Butcher and Pruden's Purple, for a stunning salad but those super sweet Sungold cherry tomatoes are worth braving the line for.

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Howard’s Bialys

Howard has been the local rock star of French bread for a long time now, but not everyone knows about his stellar Bialys, or for that matter, even what they are.

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