The E List

An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline


Madison Beach Hotel

One of the hottest tables in town this summer is on the deck of the new Madison Beach Hotel. I wasn't able to snag one for dinner (call well ahead), but lunch of a buttery lobster roll with homemade potato chips with THIS view hit the spot.

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moxie cauliflower

Moxie Hour

Besides the facts that Moxie is one of the most perfectly branded restaurants on the Shoreline and the food is scrumptious, they’ve also got a fabulous spread for Happy Hour.

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Jia Mei Asian Kitchen

Madisonites will be thrilled to have the new Jia Mei Asian Kitchen in their midst, with a menu of locally sourced ingredients and fresh presentations of classic Chinese dishes.

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Lobster Landing

I wasn't intentionally on the quest to find the ultimate lobster roll, but it found me anyway. For years, I've heard Lobster Landing in Clinton makes the meanest roll on the Shoreline.

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